Michael Harless


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  1. L1 CrossFit Trainer
    Athletic background includes participating in a 70.3 Ironman. Plus, I've ran two full marathons and about 20 half marathons (pr in the half is 1:29:58.) Also, played golf and ran cross country in high school.

    I continue to coach and organize all athletic teams for my church including softball, volleyball, and basketball teams. And lastly, I’ve been lifting weights on my own for about 15 years up until I joined CFWR.

  2. I started doing crossfit because I wanted to diversify my workout routine and supplement the routines I do at my house. I do crossfit now because I love competing and I love interacting with the CFWR family.

  3. One of my dreams was to be a basketball coach at the college level some day so having the opportunity to coach people in any capacity is something I’m passionate about.

  4. I’ve been involved in crossfit since 2017.

  5. Favorite sport is basketball, for sure.

  6. My hobbies include exercising, playing guitar for my church, playing golf and watching IU basketball!!! Plus, watching comedy movies and tv shows including The Office, Seinfeld, and many more.

Zeke Bautista


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  1. CrossFit Level One Trainer.
    Participated in Cross Country, Wrestling and Track in high school, and started exercising frequently freshman year of high school.

  2. I want to see how far I can push my body. The opportunity to get better motivates me to keep coming back.

  3. I want to use the knowledge that I have to help and encourage others. Seeing others improve their lifestyle is why I coach.

  4. I was introduced to CrossFit in the summer of 2014.

  5. CrossFit

  6. Eat and sleep :) I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

Melissa Bjerke


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  1. I've had my Crossfit L1 since January 2019.

  2. Crossfit is a lifestyle. Doing the common, uncommonly well. It’s helped me find a purpose in my fitness and I’ve become stronger in body and mind. The Crossfit community is a place of belonging and that has nurtured my personal fitness growth.

  3. Through coaching I get to assist people in meeting their goals and watch them exceed their own expectations. It’s a joy for me to coach athletes at all levels and to be a part of their fitness journey. It also pushes me into becoming more knowledgeable of the Crossfit lifestyle.

  4. I’ve been Crossfitting since the fall of 2015. I started my journey with a small Crossfit group out of their garage. I was hooked from the first 3,2,1...go.

  5. I played many sports in high school, basketball was one of favorites but can’t say I’m much good at it now. I was a runner for many years after high school. But I consider CrossFit to be my favorite sport.

  6. I love to be with my Crossfit family, but away from the box I love to spend time with my family. My daughters are my favorites, I enjoy going to their sporting or school events. We try to be as active as we can but we also love to cuddle.

Tisha Stone


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  1. I played basketball and ran track in middle school and turned to cheerleading in high school. In March, 2019, I became a CFL1 Trainer.

  2. I do CrossFit because I LOVE it! I started in May 2017 and soon found out it was the most challenging, yet rewarding, fitness program I’ve ever been a part of.

  3. I became a coach because we needed coaches at CFWR. I remain a coach because I love sharing how Crossfit can push others to be better mentally, physically and spiritually ... just like it does for me.

  4. 2 yrs (as of June 2019)

  5. My favorite sports are volleyball and football. I’ve never played either, but I loved watching my kids play during their high school and college years.

  6. I spend time with my husband of 30 years. We love spending time on a lake in our bass boat during the summer and traveling to a lake somewhere warm in the winter. We also love to travel to see our children on weekends.

Joy Wegener


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  1. I started my fitness coaching career as a personal trainer for the YMCA in 2009. In 2012, I found CrossFit and have since attended L1 and L2 training courses, as well as CrossFit Kids, Mobility, Self-Defense, and Masters specialty courses. As a CrossFit Open athlete, my best finish was in 2014 at #96 in the world, and #6 in the Masters category of the 5-state Central East Region. That year I also accomplished the JumpNrope 2-part challenge of 100 consecutive double unders, and 100 speed steps in under one minute. Most recently, I am ranked by CrossFit in the top 17% of women my age worldwide.

  2. I CrossFit because I love it. I love every aspect of it. No other exercise is as fun or has a fitfam community of support like CFWR. I enjoy the variety, the functionality and the intensity. CrossFit keeps you feeling strong and fit for whatever life throws at you.

  3. I love learning, and I love sharing what I've learned. CrossFit is fun as a workout, but even more fun to coach!

  4. I started CrossFit in November of 2012.

  5. I love all sports. I played every sport I could in high school and college.

  6. What I enjoy the most is my family. I have lived in Muncie since 1992 with my husband, Jim, and our eight children. Spending time with them is my favorite thing to do.

Brandon Clemens


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  1. I've played basketball my whole life and started lifting weights in high school. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2016 through my wife and have loved it. I got my L1 certificate in November of 2019.

  2. I love getting to workout with a group of people. It's so much more fun and motivating than doing it alone. The programming is also really helpful. CrossFit forces me to focus on things that I probably wouldn't on my own (like anything lower body). Maybe my favorite part is being being stretched to accomplish things physically that I never could have before. I don't have as much natural athleticism as I did in high school, but I'm stronger and more fit than I ever have been before.

  3. I like teaching people to do things. CrossFit has been a beneficial part of my life and it's exciting to help others learn how to get the same benefits.

  4. Since 2015.

  5. Definitely basketball.

  6. I work in full-time campus ministry which I love. When I'm not working I love to hang out with my wife and kids. I have a 4 year old son named Jackson and a 2 year old daughter named Penelope. They are the real workout!

Katie Hazen


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  1. I received my L1 Certificate in 2019. In high school, I ran cross country and track. My family is very athletic and on the move. I often played sports (volleyball, basketball, tennis, baseball, swimming) with my siblings for fun.

  2. To take care of myself and keep active and healthy. The frequently varied and high intensity workouts keep me interested and engaged because I never know what's coming, and I always leave the gym knowing I got a great workout!

  3. I want to inspire people to reach for and achieve all they were created to be! I love the idea of virtuosity--doing the common uncommonly well. I hope to inspire athletes to practice this in the gym, which in turn translates into virtuosity in all areas of life!

  4. I found CrossFit in July of 2018.

  5. I really like to watch and play volleyball.

  6. When I am not training, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I like to play music and worship at my church. Cooking and traveling are also favorite pastimes.


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