Joy Wegener


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  1. I started my fitness coaching career as a personal trainer for the YMCA in 2009. In 2012, I found CrossFit and have since attended L1 and L2 training courses, as well as CrossFit Kids, Mobility and Self-Defense specialty courses. As a CrossFit Open athlete, my best finish was in 2014 at #96 in the world, and #6 in the Masters category of the 5-state Central East Region. That year I also accomplished the JumpNrope 2-part challenge of 100 consecutive double unders, and 100 speed steps in under one minute. Most recently, I am ranked by CrossFit in the top 17% of women my age worldwide.

  2. I CrossFit because I love it. I love every aspect of it. No other exercise is as fun or has a fitfam community of support like CFWR. I enjoy the variety, the functionality and the intensity. CrossFit keeps you feeling strong and fit for whatever life throws at you.

  3. I love learning, and I love sharing what I've learned. CrossFit is fun as a workout, but even more fun to coach!

  4. I started CrossFit in November of 2012.

  5. I love all sports. I played every sport I could in high school and college.

  6. What I enjoy the most is my family. I have lived in Muncie for 25 years with my husband, Jim, and our eight children. Spending time with them is my favorite thing to do.

Parker Wilken


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  1. L1 CrossFit Trainer, Current Exercise Science major and Coaching minor at Ball State University.

  2. I do CrossFit because I love the competitive aspect of it. I love lifting weights and I am a very competitive person, so the competitive aspect of CrossFit between other competitors and myself make it the perfect combination.

  3. I love coaching because I like to see the satisfaction on people's faces when they meet their goals. I like seeing the time and effort that people put in, and seeing them be rewarded for that effort.

  4. I have done CrossFit at CrossFit White River for about a year and a half now. Before coming to Ball State, I did some CrossFit workouts with my wrestling coach when training for the upcoming season.

  5. My favorite sport is wrestling. I'm a die-hard Iowa Hawkeye wrestling fan, and love watching wrestling at the college level.

  6. My hobbies and interests include weightlifting, fishing, & watching football and wrestling.

Avery Baumgardner


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  1. I grew up playing football, baseball, basketball, and golf. Into high school I played football and ran track. Now I have my level 1 certification in cross fit.

  2. I enjoy the challenge it brings everyday and how it pushes you to new limits. I also enjoy the fun competitive environment of crossfit.

  3. I am constantly growing in my own health and fitness journey and I love helping others grow in their journey.

  4. I have been doing crossfit for about one year and three months.

  5. My favorite is a toss up between football and golf.

  6. I love to play golf and find new activities to challenge myself with. I also love to experiment with new foods and new ways to cook.

Michael Harless


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  1. L1 CrossFit Trainer
    Athletic background includes participating in a 70.3 Ironman. Plus, I've ran two full marathons and about 20 half marathons (pr in the half is 1:29:58.) Also, played golf and ran cross country in high school.

    I continue to coach and organize all athletic teams for my church including softball, volleyball, and basketball teams. And lastly, I’ve been lifting weights on my own for about 15 years up until I joined CFWR.

  2. I started doing crossfit because I wanted to diversify my workout routine and supplement the routines I do at my house. I do crossfit now because I love competing and I love interacting with the CFWR family.

  3. One of my dreams was to be a basketball coach at the college level some day so having the opportunity to coach people in any capacity is something I’m passionate about.

  4. I’ve done crossfit for about a year now.

  5. Favorite sport is basketball, for sure.

  6. My hobbies include exercising, playing guitar for my church, playing golf and watching IU basketball!!! Plus, watching comedy movies and tv shows including The Office, Seinfeld, and many more.


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