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Where do I start?

First, take some time to read up a bit on what Crossfit exactly is, and how our local gym has worked to create a warm, inviting envrionment. Learn more about our community

Once you undertand a bit more about Crossfit, our FREE No Sweat Intro is your first big step! The No Sweat Intro includes a tour of the gym, a handshake, and a question: "How can we help you become the better you?". We won't work out and we won't measure you. We just want to know what you want and how we can help.

After you've visited the gym for your FREE No Sweat Intro, you're ready to sign-up for our On Ramp Class to begin learning the fundamentals of Crossfit.

Additional Information

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All residents must complete the ON RAMP course before attending regular classes. (Please read below)


1) ON RAMP that provides more flexible times to suit your needs.

You must complete the ON RAMP Course to proceed to normal CrossFit Classes

2) Once you finish ON RAMP you can attend any of our regular CrossFit classes.



Those who have completed the CrossFit ON RAMP Class


Check our schedule for all CrossFit Classes


Our Regular Class is designed to enhance your health and fitness. We will train you to be ready for the unknown and unknowable, and after consistency and discipline in our regular classes, you won't know what to do with your extra energy and overall vigor in life. You will be doing more of what you love and doing it better than ever. We will run, lift, slam, pull and jump in that order and many more!

How Much does it Cost?

See for our membership options




Open gym is available Mon-Fri at 7pm


The coach may have a workout on the board for you, but you may work on a weakness, ask for specialized training, do your own thing, get a sick pump, or whatever you need.

How Much does it Cost?

This will use a class for Silver members. 
This will be free for Gold and Platinum members
This will be $15 for a drop in


Those who prefer one-on one coaching over group training

Those looking for specific training in a certain area of overall health, fitness and wellness. Lets make that wekaness a strength!


By Appointment only 

(contact Brandon for details and pricing)


Is the Clean and Jerk is still baffling?

Do double-unders seem impossible?


You lose motivation because of it.

Your fitness is suffering.


You pick the movement and our encouraging, experienced coaches will observe, analyze and, evaluate. We send you home with a split screen video analysis of your movement in slo-mo at different weights, show you velocities and bar paths, and help lead you toward that little trick you have been looking for. Then we'll send you home with some strength and mobility homework to help you continue and conquer.

Book your time today.

How Much does it Cost?

1-on-1 $50 per hour 

(contact Brandon for details)


Those looking to increase their quality of life and get fitter in all aspects
New to CrossFit, or new to CrossFit White River.
Those seeking access to Regular classes and membership.


ON RAMP is the first step to becoming a member at CrossFit White River.  All ON RAMP courses are One-on-One and can take place whenever you have time.  


This course consists of personalized instruction in every movement we do here. We will tell you what we do and why, and by the end of this course you will be ready for ongoing success here at CrossFit White River.  In addition you will have a one-on-one wellness consultation with Coach Brandon or Sadie to talk about the role of nutrition in your new fitness adventure.


CrossFit is difficult. With that said, it takes some time to get your body accustomed to the movements we do here. These movements are easy to learn, but you need to learn them before we up the intensity and throw you in the furnace. We feel that ON RAMP will give you enough time to let your body adapt to higher intensity and learn everything we do here. And once you are ready, you're going into the furnace, baby! Because the furnace is where raw materials are made into lethal weapons and where you become a better you. Welcome to CrossFit White River! You're going to do great.


On Ramp classes are free of charge.


Ready for membership?

Once you have completed a ON RAMP course and want to take your CrossFit training to the next level, sign up for one of our membership options.