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Ladies, Are you getting enough physical activity?

This class is just for you and is designed to help women build confidence in movement and get you moving again.

Starting anything new, especially CrossFit, can be intimidating at first. But when your not alone, your chances of success are HUGE!

Everyone here is friendly and we keep longevity and total fitness as a priority. We strive to help everyone achieve there goals and have a great time while doing it.

Here are some reasons to do it! 

  • CrossFit is the best way we have found to increase and maintain  fitness and health. 
  • It helps protect against degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, dementiaand Alzheimers
  • We have a limited number of spaces available so we can give individual attention. 
  • Weight bearing, socialization, and learning new things all play into living and aging well (see articles linked above). CrossFit offers all of theses things and more!
  • Classes are only 45 min long with plenty of time for warm up, workout and some lecture and motivation each day.

Ladies Only you will bring you closer to your body's ideal weight. You will feel healthier and in fact BE healthier. 

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